The full set. Anyway, I’ve been practicing painting faces with this. I’m trying to understand values on the human face and how to place them. I’m having trouble with neutral tones, but I’ll get better. About 40-90 minutes for each one.

Some sketches from school. Sorry for the rubbish quality, Im having trouble with reanimating my scanner

A break from studies to do some personal stuff.

First of all, an apology for being inactive for a while. I’ve been getting a few unfollows because of that. Mostly due to the cemester ending and running a familly business.

Anyway, I will be posting some studies on my personal blog and reblog those that I really like. There were fun to do, my line art skills are getting better.

party hard.

Anyway, sorry for inactivity. I’ve had a lot of work at school as well as problems with my family. I’ve wanted to start out with a gift for my friend, but hit a brick wall not soon after.Because of that, the last few weeks were dedicated to studies.

My scanner kicked the bucket a few months ago, in the meantime, the print shop is the only solution. One thing I can say for sure, is that it isn’t cheap.

process gifs, as promised

across the crimson sea we stood,
as errant wisps flew between our ears.

Screencap studies 1

Film: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

2013 in art

Out of all the things I can call this year, one thing I can’t call it is boring.

More or less I am happy how it turned out.

I’ve started out the year with leaving my comfort zone of drawing and taking up something new and really confusing - painting.

I’ve started out with trying to right away to build my own style, after trial and error. I’ve figured out that it was impossible to do so without a good foundation. More or less proud of the ammount of studies that were done, specially in the first half of the year, that helped to give me a solid hand in a few things. The second half was a bit more relaxed in terms of studies and with a more stable influence map, helped me to do a little bit more of experimentation. Though it would have been better if I didn’t worry about style as much and payed more attention to fundementals.

art resolutions for 2014

  • Fundementals. Master studies and a lot of anatomy. My art teacher recommended picking one-two masters and studying them in detail. I’ve decided to pick Raphael and Rembrandt by the side. Raphael because he painted the best women in history and Rembrandt for studying light. As for anatomy. I will do more sculptures to understand the relationship of objects in space.
  • Experimentation. I’ll try to do a bit more industrial design and try to do enviorments one way or another. I’ve thought of making small steps in term of sequential art. Start with small sequences and then morth in to small comics. Try to concetrate less on dialog and more on visual story telling. And mess around with mimicing other people’s art styles. (I remember your challange, C)
  • Connecting. I love how Yuumei said it, art is essentially connecting with people. I’ll try to form/get in to a small circle of people. There are a few really cool people that I like to talk to. Problem being is there is barely anything consistent about my art friends. One is a 3d animator, the other is an architectual designer and third one is interested in gothic lolita and lovecraftian horrow. It’s great, since each of the people can offer their own take on the problem, which is better then asking community forums for a solution. Even though I am an induvidualists, I think a small circle would be great for everyone, since we would be able to do collabs and share commissioners and other things of that. Maybe participate/ start a contest later next year if things will work out.

(speaking of friends. Holly, sorry for being a massive freudist weirdo a month ago. yeah, I do that some times) (same thing for your, C)


  • Be a let less of a weirdo. 

Anyway, happy new year. Don’t kill time, because time is killing you. ж

a study of human skin tones.
Sorry for not putting up any real painting or drawings, it has been mostly practice lately. I plan to make a few dumps and a recap of this year and maybe I might play around a bit. Hopefully I can do it before cobwebs settile, he.

22.12.13 - 23.12.13

Work until your idols become your rivals.
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earth laughs in flowers

so many wip’s it’s silly

late night sketching