And it is still a work in progress.

Sketches and studies from the past few weeks. Also, I made a sketch/ personal blog, in case anybody is interested.


Stream is over, thanks for comming.
To be honest, though is was a bit stressful, it quite fun.

Some sketches from the last few days. I’m going on a small trip, so no computer in the meantime.
May finish this when I get back home. See ya.

Value studies from the last week or two. I’m trying to understand form and how to paint enviroments with gradient maps. Also painted the view near my house in Ul’yanovsk.

Reference x x

A bit of landscape/gradient map practice. I’m trying to get back in to painting after going on hiatus for exams.

A piece I did for the Concept Cookie mother nature contest. I’m not too sadisfied with it, but it is great to go out and get your work out there.

This one is taking forever, I hope to get this finished by May 13.
Anyway, I’ll start a sketchblog this summer. That would be able to get some pressure off my shoulders.

I was thinking of starting a sketch blog. It would be a great place to move my studies to, since they are scattered between my personal blog and my art one,

It would also be a great place for vent art and roughts. There are simply too many sketches piling up that I have no time to scan, refine and post.

That might solve the problem or it may make things worse.

Anyway, advise is appretiated. I would love to hear how you guys treat your studies.

The full set. Anyway, I’ve been practicing painting faces with this. I’m trying to understand values on the human face and how to place them. I’m having trouble with neutral tones, but I’ll get better. About 40-90 minutes for each one.

Some sketches from school. Sorry for the rubbish quality, Im having trouble with reanimating my scanner

A break from studies to do some personal stuff.

First of all, an apology for being inactive for a while. I’ve been getting a few unfollows because of that. Mostly due to the cemester ending and running a familly business.

Anyway, I will be posting some studies on my personal blog and reblog those that I really like. There were fun to do, my line art skills are getting better.

party hard.

Anyway, sorry for inactivity. I’ve had a lot of work at school as well as problems with my family. I’ve wanted to start out with a gift for my friend, but hit a brick wall not soon after.Because of that, the last few weeks were dedicated to studies.

My scanner kicked the bucket a few months ago, in the meantime, the print shop is the only solution. One thing I can say for sure, is that it isn’t cheap.